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Should you live in a property while it’s being sold?

It can be challenging to keep a home clean and tidy for the duration of a sale, so some sellers toss up the idea of moving out of their home before putting it on the market.

If you’re thinking about moving out of your home pre-sale then you might find life much easier, however moving out early can have it’s drawbacks too.

Why moving out before selling can be easier

Firstly, the positives! A vacant home makes it much easier for a stylist to get into the property and stage it so that it appeals to your target buyer market. So if you live in a young and hip area, the stylist might choose home décor that suits this market and there’s a chance it might not be to your taste.

However, while it may be easy to live with questionable styling choices, it can be hard living in a home set up mainly for display purposes and you might find it difficult to keep it clean and tidy, especially if there are young children around that you need to clean up after.

Some people also don’t like the idea of open homes and people turning up to look around their home and personal things while they’re not there. There are also those who don’t want to have to worry about impromptu visits or having to schedule to be out of the house at certain times.

There are many reasons why a seller may prefer not to live in a home that is being sold, but there are some things you need to consider if you move out during a sale.

Things you need to consider before moving out 

One of the biggest considerations for many is the cost. While it might be preferable to move out early, you will need to find alternative accommodation and it might not be cheap. Staying with family can be an option, or finding a short-term rental and hiring storage space could also be worth considering.

If you do move out before beginning the selling process, then don’t forget that the property still needs to be looked after, i.e. someone is still mowing lawns and maintaining the garden. If you move out of the area it might be easier to hire someone to do this for you.

Also try not to leave the property vacant. A little bit of furniture in the property can help buyer’s picture how a room works and what it might be like to live there. It can also provide a room with a bit of character and warmth.

If you’re thinking about selling and aren’t sure whether or not it’s a good idea to move first then feel free to give us a call at Professionals Outer Western Sydney Real Estate to discuss what best suits you and your property.

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