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Changes to planned Western Sydney corridors

Property owners concerned about the proposed Western Sydney corridors may now be able to breath a sigh of relief with news from the NSW Government that plans have now been altered to impact fewer properties.

The state government has reverted to the gazetted corridor for the Bells Line Road Castlereagh Connection that was first identified in 1951, relinquishing plans for a corridor from Castlereagh to Kurrajong Heights.

A section of the Outer Sydney Orbital north of Richmond Road has also been abandoned while the Government works with local councils and the Department of Planning and Environment about possible alternatives.

These changes will mean that the number of impacted properties will drop from 1247 to 825. This includes 200 houses.

In a statement on the Penrith City Council website, Penrith Mayor John Thain welcomed the changes.

“The Castlereagh corridor caused particular concern for the many people living in the Londonderry, Llandilo and Castlereagh areas who had long been aware of plans for a future road, but were shocked and dismayed when the long recognised corridor changed – cutting through a large number of properties,” Cr Thain said.

“Council and the community advocated strongly for the proposed corridor to be changed back to the original alignment that was gazetted in 1951. I was heartened to see so many people in our community speaking up – who acknowledged that new infrastructure is necessary, but wanted a more sensible route and as a result of this approach, their concerns have been answered.”

Those still affected by the proposed corridor will be given the chance to sell their property to the government, which has set aside $100 million over two years for acquisitions.

Further information about the proposed Western Sydney corridors can be found at www.transport.nsw.gov.au/corridors.


Image via www.transport.nsw.gov.au

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