Eastern Creek incinerator project rejected by planning commission

Many of those in outer western Sydney will be happy to hear that plans for a massive Energy from Waste incinerator in Eastern Creek have been rejected.

The New South Wales Independent Planning Commission (IPC) blocked the proposal citing “uncertainty” over human health and environmental impacts.

The plant would have been the largest in the southern hemisphere, operating 24/7 and providing enough energy to supply up to 100,000 homes.

Understandably, the project was fraught with objections from the outer western Sydney community from residents, local councils and health and environment authorities.

Blacktown City Council Mayor Stephen Bali MP said he is delighted with the news.

“Our primary concern has always been the impact to the community’s health and the environment. These concerns are validated by the IPC’s rejection.”

“I commend the community for their on-going fight through the different stages of this application.”

“This has been a very long saga for Western Sydney residents and today they can rejoice,” Mayor Bali said.

Further information about the decision can be found at the IPC website –

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