It’s now easier to find a park in St Marys

It’s now even easier to visit the team at Professionals St Marys thanks to the creation of new parking spaces along Queen Street.

More than 50 extra parking spaces are now located in the St Marys Town Centre, which will benefit everyone visiting the vicinity such as local shoppers and businesses.

According to a statement on the Penrith Council website, the extra parking is a result of new marked spaces along Queen Street and adjoining side streets, along with the reopening of a section of the Kokoda Place car park, with an increased number of parking spots.

Penrith Mayor John Thain said that following the reopening of a section of the Kokoda Place car park, which had been closed during the Queen Street upgrade works, there are now 70 parking spaces in the car park. This has meant there are now 43 more spaces there than there were previously.

“This was an opportunity for Council to increase the availability of parking in the Town Centre, in a location that allows people easy access to local shops, businesses and services.

“Additionally, we’ve made the most of available parking space along Queen Street and surrounding roads by completing new line marked parking bays; making it easier for people to find a spot close to where they need to go.

“Line marking parking bays along our streets not only saves space but results in more orderly and safer parking arrangements for the community,” Cr Thain said.

There are also a number of off-street parking options available immediately behind Queen Street along East and West Lanes. This parking is readily accessible and linked to Queen Street by a series of public arcades.

These parking spaces provide easy access to local shops and businesses (including our St Marys office at 181 Queen Street) helping make it easy for people to visit the heart of St Marys.

If you’re after further information about where to park in the St Marys Town Centre, you can find an off-street parking map at

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