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St Marys has turned pink!

If you head into St Marys CBD this month you’ll notice it has turned a distinctive shade of pink to help raise awareness for breast cancer.

Pink Up St Marys is an initiative from St Marys Town Centre and the McGrath Foundation to raise awareness as well as much needed funds to help provide a breast care nurse for every family that needs one across the country.

Sadly, breast cancer has touched many of our lives, with 50 Australian women diagnosed with the disease every day.

At present there are 120 McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across the country that are able to help individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer by providing free physical, psychological and emotional support.

While many have found the support of McGrath Breast Care nurses invaluable, many more are needed to help meet the growing of breast cancer diagnosis in Australia.

How can you help?

You can show your support to the McGrath Foundation and breast cancer awareness by purchasing a flower from the St Marys Professionals Real Estate office located at 181 Queen Street. Flowers can also be purchased at Puzzle Box Finance.

You can take your flowers and add them to the flower wall in Coachman’s Park in honour of someone you may know who has been touched by cancer.

Flowers can be bought for a gold coin donation and all proceeds will go towards the McGrath Foundation and the important work they do.

Every single donation counts so if you’re in St Marys then come in and help create a massive wall full of flowers for an excellent cause.


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