5 simple steps to increase your home’s value

If you want to get the most out of your biggest asset then it’s well worth investing some time and money before sale time on getting it looking its best.

There are plenty of renovations that you can do to improve your property’s value, but it’s best to concentrate on the ones that will give you the biggest return on investment. 

  1. Start with floors and walls 

Interior property styles change frequently and the colour schemes used on the walls and floors can make even near-new properties look dated.

A simple coat of paint and perhaps a new floor covering provide an easy way to freshen up a property. Choosing the right colour schemes and flooring can be difficult so it may be worth hiring a colour consultant or interior stylist to help you choose an appropriate style for your home that will help bring in buyers.

  1. Redo the kitchen or bathroom (or maybe both)

There’s no doubting that kitchens and bathrooms help sell homes so updating these rooms is a great way to add to a property’s appeal.

If these rooms are still in good condition then you may be able to update them by simply painting old cabinets a new colour or adding in new tapware.

Keep the rest of the home in mind when renovating these areas. For example marble benchtops are nice but are probably a bit over the top for an otherwise modest house. Keep renovations and styles consistent throughout the property. 

  1. Let in light 

The right lighting can make rooms feel bigger and more welcoming. There are a number of ways to increase light in rooms from adding skylights to widening window frames or doors.

A cheaper way to increase the feeling of light in a room is to paint and decorate in lighter colours or use sheer window treatments. More options include adding a mirror in the room or simply adding more lighting.

  1. Remove any oddities

Is there anything at your property that has visitors scratching their heads? Strange colour schemes, odd additions or retro fixtures should be removed or fixed if they have people leaving your home with a question mark.

Quirky home features can be jarring for potential buyers so its best to just remove the issue so buyers don’t have to ask themselves whether or not something like that old 70s wallpaper is something they want to live with.

  1. Don’t forget the garden

Kerb appeal will help draw buyers in and can prove to be one of your property’s best assets. Spend time mowing lawns, pruning overgrowth and cleaning up footpaths and driveways.

Also make sure that nothing is broken or out of place outside. The better your property looks from the street the more likely people will want to visit and find out what the property is like on the inside.

Looking for more advice to help add value to your home before selling? Contact the team at Professionals Outer Western Sydney.

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