The surprising things that could be devaluing your home

There are a number of things that can influence property prices. While a lot of people may be aware of the usual factors, like a property’s location or block size, there are other less known qualities that can effect values.

When selling it’s important to be aware of all factors that could influence prices, so here are some of the lesser-known ones.

Over personalisation

While a furnished home is generally more appealing to buyers than an unfurnished one, you may still need to pack away some personal effects.

Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in a property and it can be hard to do that if there are constant reminders of the current owners.

Keep a property looking clean and uncluttered for the best appeal.

Dark rooms

A bright and airy home is always going to be more appealing than one that is dark and dingy. Brighten up any dark areas of a property by doing things like cutting back foliage, switching out window treatments or repainting in lighter colours.

Lack of kerb appeal

What buyers see first makes a difference. A home that looks messy from the outside is going to leave a bad impression with them and may result in them turning away from a property altogether.

If you want to leave buyers with a positive impression then at least mow lawns and tidy up gardens. A clean of the building’s exterior and any driveways or paths will also work wonders.

Dodgy renovations

Buyers take note of everything at property inspections and that includes patchy paintwork or a shonky DIY job.

The lesson here is that you should only carry out work at your home if you know what you’re doing, otherwise it’s best to bring in the pros. Don’t forget that you should also get any necessary approvals before doing any renovations at your property.

Not keeping up with the Joneses

People tend to expect certain things from homes in any particular area so it’s important to keep an eye on what your neighbours are doing. Are you the only property in your neighbourhood without solar panels or a front fence? You might like to add certain features to your home if it helps keep it in line with buyers expectations otherwise they may offer a discounted price. 

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