What attributes to look for in a family home?

People require different things from their homes at different stages of their lives. When people are young and carefree they may be mostly concerned with finding a home that is affordable or convenient to their work or lifestyle hubs.

As people grow and add to their family however, they may look for a place that has good schools and is a safe place for their kids to grow up in.

If you’re looking for the perfect family home and aren’t quite sure what kind of attributes you should be looking for then make sure to consider the below: 

Good schools and childcare 

Whether or not you have kids that are school-aged yet you’re going to want to think about what schools or childcare they will have available to them.

A home in a good school catchment area may command a higher selling price but it will also mean that your children will have access to an excellent education that may benefit them long into the future. 

Size and house quality

The size of a home is important when you have a family or are planning one in the future. Look for a home with enough bedrooms and living areas so that everyone can live comfortably together. A good-sized backyard is also a must-have for many families with young children.

You may also want to look at the quality of the building itself and how safe it is for young ones running around. A house that is a bit rough around the edges or in serious need of renovations may not be an appropriate place for a young family.

Access to transport 

Public transport helps make life easier. Those with properties located close to good train or bus routes can reduce their reliance on the family car, or on needing a second one.

Public transport can also be a great option for when the kids grow up and want a bit more independence.

Proximity to parks and services

Sometimes the backyard just isn’t enough to entertain the kids everyday so it’s good to have some other options nearby. Having a park within walking distance of your home is a great way to get out and about.

You may also want other amenities nearby such as public swimming pools, gyms, shops, playgrounds, sports facilities or cafes.

Community safety

Feeling safe in a community is extremely important for any family. Luckily most Australian suburbs are quite safe to live, but take a walk around the streets of an area if you want to get a feel of whether or not you would feel comfortable living there with your family.

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