What should I do if my home is too noisy?

While many of us want our homes to be a quiet oasis, we aren’t all so lucky. Some people live on busy streets, or can hear train or airport noise nearby, while others just want to block out the sounds of their neighbour’s daily chatter.

Luckily, exterior noise isn’t something that people need to put up with. There are plenty of options available to homeowners to help block out unwanted sounds.

Close the gaps

Anywhere air can get in is a place that noise can get in too so sealing up any gaps around the home will reduce noise. It’s also worth considering upgrading windows and doors. Double-glazed windows and thick internal and external doors will all help in reducing outside noise, and noise between rooms too.


While insulation generally needs to be installed while building or renovating, it may be worth the extra cost to help drown out outside noises.

Ordinary insulation in the walls will help create a bit of a buffer to the outside, but it’s best to spend a bit more on a sound proof insulation material designed to help with noise reduction. 

If you are building or renovating, specialised plasterboard can also be used to further help soundproof your home.

Add layers 

Adding a few layers around the home may help with minor noise issues. Add things like thick curtains, or carpets and rugs. There are even companies that specialise in ‘soundproof’ curtains and window treatments that could be worth looking at.

Put up a wall

An obvious way to deal with outside noise is to build a big, solid fence. A well-constructed fence will help create a barrier against noise, but just like the house itself, it’s important that there are no gaps that noise can leak through.

If noise is a real issue then aim to build as high and thick a fence as finances and regulations allow.

Plant trees

Clever landscaping is a great way to tackle external noise issues and help provide privacy too. Thick, bushy hedges planted along fence lines can help create an added sound buffer. Tall evergreen trees can also be useful and will help block the property off from what is happening on the street outside.


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