5 home maintenance tasks to complete by summer

As we head into the warmer months of the year it’s time to start thinking about checking off a few annual household maintenance tasks.

A few simple chores will keep your home comfortable and get it ready for the onslaught of heat that’s to come.

Inspect air-cons and fans – Once the air-conditioner gets turned on for the summer you mightn’t want to turn it off again, so it’s best to make sure it’s in good working shape before it gets fired up for the season.

Bring in a professional to give your air-conditioning units a service and to remove and clean filters. This will help keep systems running efficiently so they aren’t using more energy than necessary.

For ceiling fans, a simple wipe can help clear them of dust and grime build-up.

Clean out the pool – If you’re lucky enough to have a pool at home then make sure it’s safe to take a dip in.

Check that all equipment is up and running and that the pool’s pH and chlorine levels are all as they should be.

If you’re unsure how to maintain your pool then you may want to bring in a pool professional. They can clean up your pool and ensure it’s healthy and safe for swimming.

Scare away bugs – When the heat comes out, the bugs tend to follow. A good way of keeping pests out of the home is to try and reduce entry points where possible.

Sealing up gaps and installing fly screens can be one way to tackle a pest problem. Regular cleaning will also help keep critters at bay.

For more serious issues or general peace of mind you may want to bring in a pest expert to have your home professionally sprayed.

Mulch up – Everything tends to grow better in summer, including weeds! Add a layer of mulch to garden beds to prevent weeds from popping up.

Mulch will also have the added benefit of keeping moisture in the ground when it’s dry.

Check the deck and patio – Outdoor areas require regular maintenance to keep them in tiptop shape.

Decks in particular need a bit of TLC from time to time to help them last longer. You should replace any boards that show signs of rotting and hammer in any nails that are poking up.

Your deck may also need resealing. You can check for this by spraying water on the deck. If it pools on top it’s fine, but if it soaks in then it’s time to be resealed.

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