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7 tips to get your home ready to sell in 2020

If moving to a new home is on your list of New Year resolutions then you’re going to want to start preparing your current home for sale as soon as you can.

While getting your existing abode ready for sale might not sound as exciting as shopping for your next one, it will help you achieve a quicker sale when you are eventually ready to pack up and move on.

Plus a well presented home is likely to sell for a lot more too, meaning you’ll have more spending money available for property number two.

Here are some suggestions to help get your started:

  1. Jazz up the front entry – The front entrance sets the stage for the rest of your home so make sure that it leaves people with the right first impression. Keep the area organised by having a place to put things away like shoes, keys and coats.
  1. Change the colour scheme – If you’re property hasn’t been painted in the last 5 years then it’s probably due for a refresh. Light and neutral colours will brighten up rooms and make them feel more open, however don’t be afraid to add a coloured feature wall if you think your property could do with a bit of character.
  1. Add pot plants – Plants can add colour and life to both the inside and outside of a property. Consider adding a couple of attractive pot plants throughout your home to add a stylish touch, but remember to pay attention to their maintenance requirements so you can keep them lush and green for as long as possible.
  1. Update light fixtures – The right kind of lighting in a home can make a room feel bigger, highlight important property features and make for a dramatic statement all on its own. Living and dining areas are a great place to invest in a contemporary light fixture that will lift the tone of the property. Just remember to hire an electrician to change your lights for you.
  1. Eliminate the clutter – Getting rid of old and unused furniture, clothing and other items will give your home an instant facelift, and will make your move much easier too. You may like to donate any items that are still in good condition, or you could try selling them to make a bit of extra cash.
  1. Put up artwork – If you’ve got bare walls then you might want to bring some colour to them by adding some framed art prints. Living rooms and bedrooms are great places for interesting feature prints. You can find affordable art prints in department stores or online.
  1. Clean and fix everything else – If everything in the property looks clean and well-maintained then that’s half the battle of getting the property ready for sale. Everything should be cleaned until it looks like it’s brand new again, so make those tiles and windows sparkle as best you can, and repair anything at the property that is broken.

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