What’s in the Federal Budget for Western Sydney?

Western Sydney has come out as a big winner from the 2021-22 Federal Budget, with the government committing to the investment of billions of dollars in infrastructure. 

Most of the investment will be for major road projects, including a $2 billion spend on the Great Western Highway upgrade, constructing east and west sections from Katoomba to Lithgow.

The project, which aims to link the state’s central west with Greater Sydney, is expected to be completed in 8 to 10 years at a total cost of $8 billion. 

Another major boon for the west is the announcement of federal funding for the M12 motorway, which will connect the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek to Sydney’s motor network. 

The project has received fast-tracked approval from the NSW Government, and will benefit from $229.4 million that was announced in this year’s budget. 

It will be a gamechanger for the west, linking residential areas and jobs hubs. Construction is set to begin in 2022 and be complete in time for the airport’s opening in 2026.

On top of the investment in major road projects, the federal government has also committed $254.9 million towards the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan. 

The aim of the plan is to build a stronger and more prosperous Western Sydney, with the federal government planning to spend almost $3 billion over ten years on major infrastructure projects that will improve the region’s economy. 

Further to this, $18.1 million has been secured for the Western Sydney City Deal, which is a collaboration between governments to deliver transformative change to the west. 

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