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How to get more buyers through your door

There’s no mistaking that there’s been a lot of buyer demand in Outer Western Sydney of late, but that doesn’t mean that sellers shouldn’t go the extra mile to bring more buyers to their door.

Whether it’s a buyer’s or a seller’s market, it’s always in the best interest of sellers to put a little effort into their property’s presentation and marketing campaign to help get the most value out of their home. 

More buyers interested in a property equals more competition, and that’s what helps drive up property prices. 

So what can you do to help attract more buyers to your home?

Work on the street view

Does your home’s street presence help add or detract from your home’s appeal? Ideally you want the front of your home to draw buyers in so you may need to spend some time doing things like fixing fences, tidying up gardens or possibly painting the exterior.

Make your interiors feel bigger

Size counts when it comes to real estate and while you may not be able to make your place physically bigger, you can make it appear that way. 

A few things you can do that can help make your property feel more spacious include cleaning and decluttering, painting in lighter colours, and rearranging furniture. 

Fix any obvious issues

Is there anything that may put buyers off your property that could be easily fixed? Perhaps there’s cracked or peeling paint, a strange smell or leaking taps?

A buyer may be turned off a property completely if they think there’s too much work to do, or undervalue it. If there’s anything that’s going to stand out to buyers that could be fixed inexpensively then it’s well worth arranging for repairs before the property hits the market.  

Price for the market

While prices have moved recently, buyers have a lot of information at their fingertips to help them gauge the price of a property and they can tell right away when a property is priced too high.

The pricing of a property can make or break the sale. Understandably, a lot of vendors want a premium price for a property, but if a property is marketed too high it will scare buyers away. 

Work with your agent

Your agent should be giving you honest advice about what can be done to your property to help it attract the best price at sale time. 

Take their advice on board and discuss any issues you may have around your budget for improvements. Not everyone has a lot to spend on their property before sale time, but there are often simple, and low-cost things you can do that can add value to your home and your agent will be able to suggest these. 

They will also be able to give you the best advice regarding pricing strategy and marketing to help your home sell for top dollar. 

For advice about selling in Outer Western Sydney contact the Professionals Outer Western Sydney team.

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