Will a renovated kitchen help sell your home?

The kitchen is often considered to be the ‘heart of the home’, which is probably why it’s also the room that home sellers think to renovate first. 

A brand new kitchen can undoubtedly be a major source of appeal for a home, but is it really going to be worth the cost of renovating it before selling?

The answer really depends on the current condition of your kitchen and how much you’re intending to spend. 

In most cases, a simple budget renovation of a kitchen will be all that’s required to help make it more appealing to home buyers. 

It does depend on the house though. A typical family home won’t require anything that’s too flash, however buyers of more prestigious homes may be looking for higher-end products and finishes. 

For most properties buyers will be happy to see a clean and functional kitchen that fits in well with the rest of the home, and this can often be achieved with a flatpack kitchen, which you may even be able to install yourself if you’re handy enough. 

You should always bring in the experts for any plumbing or electrical work however, and if you have an older home then you may need to test the walls and floors for asbestos before disturbing any old cabinetry or fixtures.  

However if your current kitchen is in good condition and you just want to update it a little, there are a few simple things you can do without having to resort to a full remodel. 

5 simple changes you can make

  1. Fresh paint – A simple way to update a daggy looking kitchen is to add a new coat of paint. You can paint almost any surface of a kitchen, from the walls and doors, to benchtops and tiles. Just make sure that you prep the areas thoroughly and use the right types of paints for the intended surface.
  1. Updated hardware – If you have deteriorating or dated door handles then it may be worth upgrading them. Sometimes a simple change like this can make a big difference to a home and can also help it blend in better with other furnishings. 
  1. Working plumbing fixtures – If you have leaking or broken taps then they are definitely worth updating before sale time. Make sure to choose new plumbing fixtures that match in with the rest of your home. You’ll probably also want to call in plumber for this job to ensure that everything is installed properly. 
  1. Modern appliances – New appliances may help bring your kitchen into the 21st century. Old stoves and ovens may intimidate some buyers, so an upgrade here can definitely help. A kitchen exhaust fan, if you haven’t got one already, is also well worth installing. 
  1. A new benchtop – if you have a scratched up or damaged benchtop then installing a new one might be a good move. There’s no need to go for expensive stone products though when there are plenty of great and inexpensive options these days such as laminate or wood, which come in varying colours and patterns. 

But remember, before you start undertaking any renovations before selling it’s always a good idea to talk to local real estate agents to find out their opinion on whether any updates will be worth it and add value to your home. 

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